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Bamboo Reusable Travel Coffee Cup with Lid

Bamboo Reusable Travel Coffee Cup with Lid

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Earthbits had been looking to design the best environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup for quite some time.

Lots of them are made with materials, such as bamboo fibres mixed with other materials, silicone or plastic. They didn't feel those were truly eco-friendly, especially because bamboo in its natural form is indeed such an amazing material, that we didn't think there was any need to combine it with any other harmful element. So that's why we love the simplicity and sustainability of our EarthBits Travel Coffee Cup, made simply of stainless steel encased in an elegant, natural-looking bamboo outer case. No waste, no pollution! 

400ml travel coffee cup • Insulated coffee mug, perfect for coffee, tea, milk, other hot beverages and even soups! • Removable Lid with sliding opening for easy drinking • Long lasting and recyclable materials

Made in the UK 

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