About Us

The Hygge Company is a lifestyle store born out of a love of Danish culture & simpler living. 

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in people wanting to find their balance again. When we were living at a slower pace, people had time to reflect on the quality of their lives & their relationships, rather than work & unreachable goals. 

For many, including myself it was a time to reflect & contemplate life. A time to hit the reset button & find out what makes us tick. Already an ambassador for mindfulness, I found a love of simpler living during this time. Both a tonic, after spending my entire adult life thus far chasing deadlines & managing the daily curveballs thrown my way. I began to see glimpses of the real me, not the one who had lived on auto pilot for so long.  

For years, I had loved alot about Scandinavian living. The organised, decluttered interiors & style that seemed to filter through to day to day living. I discovered 'good materialism' which leads us to choose fewer things with care and love versus 'bad materialism' which results in us filling our home with lots of stuff we don't care for or appreciate.

I then discovered hygge (hoo-gah) which tied everything together so beautifully & made me realise why year after year Scandinavian countries are being voted the happiest places to live throughout the world. 

So what is hygge? 

Hygge is a lifestyle, a way of being and living more simply whilst being surrounded by what you love. It is a feeling, created by your environment evoking cosiness, contentment & calm. 

It could be closing the door on a cold, winters night -  lighting the fire and candles, putting on a cosy jumper, getting under a weighted blanket & reading a good book. Maybe it is going for a walk in nature with friends or family all snug in your coat, hat, scarf and gloves as the wind rosy's your cheeks. Or a meal with friends, sumptuous food, candlelight and great conversation. 

The simplicity of the Scandinavian lifestyle, allows you to take time, turn off the noise that can filter in from the outside world. It allows you to 'just be'. 



The Hygge Company aims to bring a sense of calm & happiness to all our customers, not only through our beautiful handpicked products, blog & snippets of life but through our company's values. Our approach to sustainabilty and the environment, our packaging & service delivery. We want to create a hygge revolution in the UK,  creating a community that allows us to embrace the 'little joys' & enjoy each moment. 


(Thank you) 

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