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About Helen Round 

Helen Round is a British textile designer and print maker. Her classic designs, inspired by the flora and fauna of the countryside and coastline are hand printed onto the highest quality linen using traditional screen printing techniques. Their philosophy is to create products that are long lasting, beautifully made and of excellent quality, with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Each product is designed to minimise waste, to tread lightly on the earth. They offer our customers a sustainable, low impact, environmentally friendly alternative to single use products.

The materials are ethically sourced. They are made using small batch production, with each linen piece handprinted, using traditional screen-printing techniques. They are sewn by a team of local artisans, reflecting the hand of the maker. Each collection of simple and functional linen homeware and kitchenware products is made and printed in our Cornish studios.

Made in the UK 

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